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tyhii's Style
Canon EOS-7D (Body Only)

This Canon EOS-7D is the upgrade for my EOS-450D, At first Thinking of upgrade to a Full Frame camera which is Canon EOS-5D MKII, but after comparing it with 7D, I found 7D is more suitable for me .

The main reason I go for 7D is due to 5D has much slower AF and is more for Indoor and Portrait photography, although 5D is a Full Frame camera but it wouldn’t help me much because I’m not a professional photographer. Another point is that I can have 320mm when I used 200mm Lens with a 1.6x crop sensor.

Anyway after getting myself a Canon EF 24-70L and Canon EOS-7D in less then 1 month, Im pretty broke now. Anyone want to sponsor me a battery grip??

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